2021.2.26 Research Changing the Silkworm's Diet to Spin Stronger Silk
2020.11.26 Research Grabbing Viruses Out of Thin Air
2020.10.29 Update The 4th Symposium for The Core Research Cluster for Materials Science and the 3rd Symposium on International Joint Graduate Program in Materials Science “Create New Value of Materials Science through Broad Collaboration”
2020.9.25 Research PLUS Takes 3D Ultrasound Images of Solids
2020.8.20 Research A New Iron Based Superelastic Alloy Capable of Withstanding Extreme Temperatures
2020.7.29 Research Spin, spin, spin: Researchers enhance electron spin longevity
2019.2.14 Research A Method Developed for Efficient Spin Manipulation in Semiconductors: a new method for controlling the rotation of electron spin by using the property of spin-momentum locking
2018.12.10 Research Controlled sign change in the spin-orbit interaction: Quest for extra degrees of freedom in the electric-field control of spins
2018.9.21 Research Development of a black coating material that largely and constantly absorbs all colors: To make black appear richer and darker on LCD and OLED panels
2018.7.13 Research Development of a new molybdenum alloy with ultra-high temperature strength: demonstrated at 1600°C
2018.4.20 Research Long-lived nuclear spin polarization observed: taking a big step towards the development of spin current devices with semiconductor channels
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2009.06.02 Award Associate Professor Yutaka Satou has been awarded the American Welding Society (AWS) 2009 Professor Koichi, Masubuchi Award .