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Terahertz (THz) region, which lies between the microwave and infrared
regions, offers a wealth of yet untapped potential. Developments in THz
technology allow spectroscopic investigation of low-energy excitations of
macromolecules, such as molecular rotation, hydrogen bond, intermolecular
interaction, etc., with wide frequency-sweep range and high resolution.

Electronic and optical device performances are strongly dependent on the crystal perfection . Our research goal is focused on the realization to bring
out materials nature and to create novel electronic and optical functions using nanometer or even atomic scale device fabrication processing.
We investigate the interplay between
(point defect and
nonstoichiometry etc.) and device characteristics.
These devices are useful for information, medicine, environment and
energy technologies.

Oyama laboratory has developed some kinds of THz generators. Generation of narrow-linewidth
THz waves has very useful applications in the fields of high-resolution spectroscopy, optical
communications and
in-situ security screening. Also, compact THz-wave generators are desired
for practical uses. For practical applications, we have recently developed THz diagnosis
technologies for non-destructive inspection.


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