Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment,
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University Mechanics and Design of Composite Materials (Narita, Kurita & Wang Lab.) 東北大学 大学院環境科学研究科 先端環境創成学専攻 複合材料設計学分野 成田・栗田・王研究室


Event (FY2017)

Cherry Blossom Viewing (HANAMI) What a pity Cherry Blossoms had scattered during our planning time, so we just went out for another drink, which was our second welcome drinking party in early April.
And it deeply encouraged our stronger friendship!
Cherry Blossom Viewing (HANAMI) Cherry Blossom Viewing (HANAMI)
Prof Narita & Yang's birthday When celebrating Yang's birthday, we just found out it was also Prof Narita's birthday!
Therefore we bought his favourite beer to celebrate this special birthday!
Prof Narita & Yang's birthday Prof Narita & Yang's birthday
Japanese Hotpot (JIRO):Ramen 26th is our monthly Japanese Hotpot's Day! Unfortunately, we missed it in April.
While graduates were not in the lab, all of the seniors made an adequate preparation for this activity well before May 26th, which really surprised graduates.
Definitely, we all pigged out on the delicious food and enjoyed ourselves.
And we just cannot wait for another Japanese Hotpot's Day!
Japanese Hotpot (JIRO):Ramen Japanese Hotpot (JIRO):Ramen
International Conference We participated in the ICMP2017 International Conference held in the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, America.
And we met up with Marina, foreign exchange student, for the first time in about a year.
Despite her first international conference, Marina's presentation was very dignified.
When faced with sharp and tough questions in Q&A phase, she answered accurately and calmly, whose riveting appearance really impressed us!
And thanks to Marina, It became a motivational international academy (Photos were taken inside the campus).
International Conference International Conference
BBQ We had a BBQ inside the campus of Materials Processing Department.
Thanks to all those things the juniors had bought and prepared for, seniors could just enjoy the BBQ appreciatively. 謝謝!!
And at our after-BBQ party in the lab, we were gratified to see Takeuchi-san's energetic figure for the first time in a while.
Is that just a good stress reliever for all the members? So we just can't wait for another BBQ. Right? Mr. Suzuki♪
Baseball tournament We had successfully managed to qualify to the finals.
Nakajima-san couldn't make it to the opening game during his presence in the conference.
Nakajima san coming back from America, and he defended our first baseman, so we got the final innings with the score of 0 to 0.
However, we just allowed the final score due to Nakajima san's jet lag.
Sadly, we failed to win the champion (but nearly won!). Let's aim for next year!
Baseball tournament Baseball tournament
Nakajima's birthday celebration We celebrated our captain-Nakajima's (M2) birthday at the Oktoberfest!!
Can't you see even hid behind 1ℓ beer, nothing could conceal his delight and joy?
Wow, what a pretty and picturesque face! We could not forget the figure that he strode excitedly and energetically along the shopping arcade on the way back. What a reliable and trustworthy guy, loved by everyone!
Nakajima's birthday celebration Nakajima's birthday celebration
Open Campus On July 25th & 26th, "Open Campus: Introduction to the University" was held all over the university.
And we really appreciated the senior school students coming to the Narita Lab Booth, especially those came from the first day of the event!
You see that as soon as girls came to our booth, sudden smiles flashed on the boys' faces! Afterwards a celebration was held in honor of ending in a big success! And the after-fighting beer was tasting so special☆
Open Campus Open Campus
Summer Vacation We embarked on a summer vacation to Fukushima and had a blast at the safari park from the first day, having fun with funny and cute animals.
Then we relaxed in a hot spring, soaking leisurely and relieving fatigue, gorging ourselves on the delicious meals.
Finally in the evening, we enjoyed a raucous drinking party. And we enjoyed every bit of it so much that we almost forgot to take memorable pictures (*‘ω‘ *)
On our way home we went fishing at a nearby fishing pond ! The fish through determined efforts tasted especially good ! !
Our summer vacation was filled with joy and sweet memories! So we just can't wait for another one(´・ω・`)
Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Summer Vacation
Japanese Hotpot (IMONI) Unfavorable weather made our new lab members' welcome party inside, which also doubled as a Imoni party. Sendai-style & Yamagata-style were both prepared, in addition to a JIRO pot!
We just forgot to take pictures properly because of continuing pigging out, and we all ended up with a really full stomach(*゚∀゚*)
芋煮 芋煮
Ekiden Relay Race Department of Metallurgy, Materials Science and Materials Processing held a Marathon relay race (Ekiden).
Thanks to the hard training since one week before the event, we were ranked ninth. Only one week's perseverance makes 9th ranking, it seems not so hard to get a better one, right?
Since no dream is too far-fetched, why not aim higher for next year!!( ˆoˆ )/
And the after-fighting celebration hot pot was prepared by foreign students!We enjoyed every bit of this special & delicious pot♪
マテリアル・開発系駅伝大会 マテリアル・開発系駅伝大会
Bounenkai Time flies like an arrow. This year also passed in the blink of an eye.We enjoyed the delicious Motsu pot comfortably, getting moderately drunk, recharging our batteries for the next year.
Let’s have a blast into 2018!!
忘年会 忘年会
Soccer Tournament The Soccer Tournament held by Materials Processing Department commenced from October.
Unfortunately we just let victory slip out our hands in the semifinals, failing to advance to the finals. (T_T)
  Yet, we swear we’ll definitely win next year! (The picture of Yoshida-kun on the right side looks so gorgeous! )
サッカー大会 サッカー大会
Farewell Party We gave four our members a hearty graduation send-off! Although it was a short time, thank you for your kindly company these days.
If you realized it, you will find that our members has increased from 8 to 18. And thanks to Nakajima-san & Suzuki-kun, our lab is being lively and fun.(laugh)
追いコン 追いコン