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Welcome to KASAI Lab.

Study Concept of the laboratory:

It is not easy stop the current main stream of material flow: "mass production -› mass consumption -› mass disposal" and not easy to convert such flow into an efficient recycling-oriented sustainable material system. To realize it, it is essential to develop advanced/effective technologies, processes and systems through a comprehensive evaluation of their efficiency.

Our laboratory executes the researches to reduce the environmental loads of the production and recycling processes of the m ripple base metals, e.g., iron & steel, copper, zinc and lead, to develop advanced material recycling and waste treatment processes and to create efficient technologies for remediation of polluted environment. We are also doing the studies on the technologies of renewable/carbon-neutral energies.

For students who are interested:

If you are interested in studying in my Lab., you are most welcome!
Send your CV (Incl. Standard information + Publication list + Evaluation of your language ability (English & Japanese) + Study plan or Request) to Prof. Kasai (email address: kasai (at) tagen.tohoku.ac.jp). About English ability, it is necessary to send your recent TOEIC score. Recommendation letter of your former professor or teacher will be most helpful to consider further.

For the students who need scholarship for your stay/study in Japan, it is better to preliminary obtain "Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship" or those of other governments. It is very difficult to apply the scholarship after arriving at Japan and also difficult to find a part-time job to be compatible with study/research.