Admission Policy

Master's Course

The Graduate School of Engineering welcomes prospective students who share our educational objectives and goals. They should have the following academic skills and abilities that are necessary to acquire knowledge and skills outlined in the curriculum policy:

  1. Basic academic skills needed to learn engineering;
  2. Logical thinking ability to solve problems; and
  3. Linguistic proficiency to adapt to and leverage a global educational and research environment.

○ Educational Objectives and Goals

Staying true to the Tohoku University’s traditional spirit of “Research First,” “Open Doors,” and“Practice-Oriented Research and Education,” the Graduate School of Engineering is committed to achieving its educational objectives. One of these objectives is to develop researchers who act based on profound knowledge and broad perspective about nature and human beings, perform their research in an ethical, purposeful, and self-directed way to build safe, secure, and affluent society, and possess abundant creativity and high research skills that enable them to play a leading role in the future development and innovation of scientific technologies. Another educational objective of the School is to produce core technical experts who are equipped with not only a high-level of technical expertise but also a long-term vision and global viewpoint, and capable of making contributions to the sustainable development of our society.

Specifically, the educational goal of the Master's Degree Program is to endow students with a broad range of basic academic and language skills that are needed for the performance of research, as well as abilities to develop their research subjects by using unique ideas and present research theses at a public occasion. They are also expected to have basic skills and advanced techniques to perform a research or provide a research and technical guidance in their field of expertise.

○ Diploma Policy

The Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University will award a master’s degree in engineering to students who pass a review of master's thesis or research results on a particular subject as well as the final examination. Students are also required to remain enrolled for a specific period of time, study a set of subjects that are offered in accordance with the School’s educational objectives and goals, earn a specified number of credits, and demonstrate a high-level of ethical awareness and sense of responsibility, in addition to the following knowledge and skills:

  1. A broad range of basic knowledge and academic skills that help students understand and explore the essence of their research subjects;
  2. Profound knowledge about their fields of expertise;
  3. Interdisciplinary knowledge relating to their fields of expertise;
  4. System design skills obtained through the integration of knowledge outside their fields of expertise;
  5. Skills to determine a research subject and solve issues;
  6. Advanced skills to perform, apply, and develop their research;
  7. Linguistic proficiency necessary to perform their research; and
  8. Basic skills to provide research or technical guidance.

○ Curriculum Policy

The Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, provides education according to the following policy to ensure that its students can acquire knowledge and skills required under the diploma policy:

  1. Help students acquire a broad range of knowledge, advanced technical expertise, and interdisciplinary knowledge relating to their field of expertise that are necessary to understand the essence of their research subjects and perform their research;
  2. Enable students to acquire advanced skills to work on their research subjects and develop the subjects by using unique ideas; and
  3. Provide students with linguistic skills that are necessary to perform their research and make a presentation of the research results.