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  1. Strengthening of a fully lamellar TiAl plus W alloy by dynamic precipitation of beta phase during long-term creep
    [Scripta Materialia, 54(3), (2006), 425-430]
    Hanliang Zhu, Dongyi Seo, Kouichi Maruyama and Peter Au

  2. Superplasticity and superplastic diffusion bonding of a fine-grained TiAl alloy
    [Materials Transactions, 46(10), (2005), 2150-2155]
    Hanliang Zhu, Bing Zhao, Zhiqiang Li and Kouichi Maruyama

  3. Interfacial strengthening of beta phase in a fully lamellar structure of TiAl alloy containing W
    [Philosophical Magazine Letters, 85(7), (2005), 377-385]
    Hanliang Zhu, Dongyi Seo, Kouichi Maruyama and Peter Au

  4. Newly developed heat resistant magnesium alloy by Thixomolding (R)
    [Materials Science Forum, 488-489, (2005), 287-290]
    T. Tsukeda, K. Saito, M. Suzuki, J. Koike and K. Maruyama

  5. Effects of alpha2 spacing on creep deformation characteristics of hard oriented PST crystals of TiAl alloy
    [Intermetallics, 13(10), (2005), 1116-1121]
    K. Maruyama, T. Nonaka and H.Y. Kim

  6. Effect of heating rate in a alpha+gamma dual-phase field on lamellar microstructure and creep resistance of a TiAl alloy
    [Zeitschrift fur Metallkunde, 96(6), (2005), 584-588]
    Kouichi Maruyama, Jun Matsuda and Hanliang Zhu

  7. Vacancy clustering and relaxation behavior in rapidly solidified B2 FeAl ribbons
    [Acta Materialia, 53, (2005), 3751-3764]
    T. Haraguchi, K. Yoshimi, M.H. Yoo, H. Kato, S. Hanada and A. Inoue

  8. Influence of heating rate in alpha plus gamma dual phase field on lamellar morphology and creep property of fully lamellar Ti-48Al alloy
    [Materials Science and Engineering A, 397(1-2), (2005), 58-64]
    Hanliang Zhu, Jun Matsuda and Kouichi Maruyama

  9. Microstructural stability of fine-grained fully lamellar XD TiAl alloys by step aging
    [Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, 36A(5), (2005), 1339-1351]
    Hanliang Zhu, Dongyi Seo, Kouichi Maruyama and Peter Au

  10. Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical property of 46XD and 47XD TiAl alloys
    [Materials Science Forum, 475-479, (2005), 581-584]
    Hanliang Zhu, Dongyi Seo and Kouichi Maruyama

  11. Substructure development in rapidly solidified B2-type TiCo ribbons
    [Materials Science Forum, 475-479, (2005), 849-852]
    Kyosuke Yoshimi, Minseok Sung, Sadahiro Tsurekawa, Akira Yamauchi, Ryusuke Nakamura, Shuji Hanada, Koichi Kawahara and Tadao Watanabe

  12. Microstructural evolution of a heat-resistant magnesium alloy due to friction stir welding
    [Scripta Materialia, 52(9), (2005), 899-903]
    Datong Zhang, Mayumi Suzuki and Kouichi Maruyama

  13. Surface mesostructure change of B2-type FeAl single crystals by condensation of supersaturated thermal vacancies
    [Philosophical Magazine, 85(2-3), (2005), 331-344]
    Kyosuke Yoshimi, Takayuki Kobayashi, Akira Yamauchi, Tomohide Haraguchi and Shuji Hanada

  14. Grain boundary morphology and its effect on creep of TiAl alloys
    [Materials Transactions, 45(12), (2004), 3343-3348]
    Hanliang Zhu, Dongyi Seo, Kouichi Maruyama and Peter Au

  15. Effects of zinc on creep strength and deformation substructures in Mg-Y alloy
    [Materials Science and Engineering A, 387-389, (2004), 706-709]
    Mayumi Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Kimura, Junichi Koike and Kouichi Maruyama

  16. Creep of lamellar TiAl alloys: degradation, stabilization and design of lamellar boundaries
    [Materials Science and Engineering A, 387-389, (2004), 910-917]
    Kouichi Maruyama, Hee Y. Kim and Hanliang Zhu

  17. Effect of microstructural stability on creep behavior of 47XD TiAl alloys with fine-grained fully lamellar structure
    [Scripta Materialia, 52(1), (2005), 45-50]
    Hanliang Zhu, Dongyi Seo, Kouichi Maruyama and Peter Au

  18. Effects of lamellar boundary structural change on lamellar size hardening in TiAl alloy
    [Acta Materialia, 52(17), (2004), 5185-5194]
    K. Maruyama, M. Yamaguchi, G. Suzuki, Hanliang Zhu, Hee Y. Kim and M.H. Yoo

  19. Microstructure and orientation distribution of aragonite crystals in nacreous layer of pearl shells
    [Materials Transactions, 45(4), (2004), 999-1004]
    K. Yoshimi, M. Shoji, T. Ogawa, A. Yamauchi, T. Naganuma, K. Muramoto and S. Hanada

  20. Microstructural Characteristics and Creep Behavior of 45XD TiAl Alloys
    [Materials Transactions, 45(8), (2004), 2618-2621]
    Hanliang Zhu, Dongyi Seo and Kouichi Maruyama

  21. Correlation between Premature Failure and Laves Phase Growth in 9Cr-1.8W-0.5Mo-VNb Steel
    [Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Structural Steels, (2004), 838-841]
    J.S. Lee and K. Maruyama

  22. Microstructural Characterization of Type IV Failure in Weldment of a Mod.9Cr-1Mo Steel
    [Proceedings of Failure 2004, (2004), in press]
    J.S. Lee, K. Maruyama, I. Nonaka and T. Ito

  23. AZ61マグネシウム合金圧延材における破断伸びの異方性と配向性の関係
    [日本金属学会誌, 68(1), (2004), 27-33]
    大山礼, 小池淳一, 鈴木真由美, 丸山公一

  24. Stress relaxation during isothermal annealing at elevated temperature in electroplated Cu films
    [MRS Proceeding, in press, (2004)]
    S.J. Hwang, Y-C. Joo and J. Koike

  25. Magnesium research trend in Japan
    [Materials Science Forum, 419-422, (2003), 21-34]
    S. Kamado, J. Koike, K. Kondoh and Y. Kawamura

  26. Texture development of AZ31 magnesium alloys during ECAE processing
    [Materials Science Forum, 419-422, (2003), 533-538.]
    Y. Yoshida, L. Cisar, S. Kamado, J. Koike and Y. Kojima

  27. New deformation mechanisms in fine-grain Mg alloys
    [Materials Science Forum, 419-422, (2003), 189-194]
    J. Koike

  28. Hall-Petch Parameters for tension and compression in cast Mg
    [Materials Science Forum, 419-422, (2003), 123-128]
    P. Anderson, C. H. Caceres and J. Koike

  29. Mod.9Cr-1Mo鋼の溶接熱影響部でのキャビティ発生機構
    [日本学術振興会第123委員会報告, 44(3), (2003), 249-254]
    李在勝, 丸山公一, 野中勇, 伊藤拓哉

  30. Microstructural Stability during Creep Deformation of Hard-oriented Polysynthetically Twinned Crystal of TiAl Alloy
    [Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, 30A(10), (2003), 2191-2198]
    H.Y. Kim and K. Maruyama

  31. クリープ [産業技術サービスセンター 設備管理技術事典, (2003), 178-186] 丸山公一

  32. Effects of alpha2 Spacing on Creep Deformation Behavior of Hard Oriented PST Crystals of a Lamellar TiAl Alloy
    [Materials Science Forum, 426-432, (2003), 1751-1756]
    K. Maruyama, T. Nonaka, J. Matsuda and H. Y. Kim

  33. Microstructural influences on stress migration in electroplated Cu metallization
    [Applied Physics Letters, 83(10), (2003), 1962-1964]
    A. Sekiguchi, J. Koike, and K. Maruyama

  34. Creep Behavior and Deformation Substructure of Mg-Y Alloys Containing Dilute Content of Zinc
    [Materials Science Forum, 426-432, (2003), 593-598]
    M. Suzuki, T. Kimura, J. Koike and K. Maruyama

  35. Thermal Stability of Lamellar Structure of PST Crystals and Lamellar Boundary Design for Creep Resistant TiAl Alloy
    [Metals and Material International, 9(3), (2003), 255-263]
    H.Y. Kim, J. Matsuda and K. Maruyama

  36. Stability of lamellar microstructure of hard oriented PST crystal of TiAl alloy
    [Acta Materialia, 51(8), (2003), 2191-2204]
    H.Y. Kim and K. Maruyama

  37. Grain-Boundary Sliding in AZ31 Magnesium Alloys at Room Temperature to 523 K
    [Materials Transactions, 44(4), (2003), 445-451]
    J. Koike, R. Ohyama, T. Kobayashi, M. Suzuki and K. Maruyama

  38. 銅薄膜の室温再結晶における不均一ひずみの影響
    [日本金属学会誌, 67(4), (2003), 169-172]
    和田真, 小池淳一, 丸山公一

  39. AZ31マグネシウム合金での活動すべり系の粒径依存性
    [日本金属学会誌, 67(4), (2003), 149-152]
    小林孝幸, 小池淳一, 吉田雄, 鎌土重晴, 鈴木真由美, 丸山公一, 小島陽

  40. The Activity of Non-basal Slip Systems and Dynamic Recovery at Room Temperature in Fine-grained AZ31B Magnesium Alloys
    [Acta Materialia, 51(7), (2003), 2055-2065]
    J. Koike, T. Kobayashi, T. Mukai, H. Watanabe, M. Suzuki, K. Maruyama and K. Higashi

  41. Strengthening Effect of Zn in Heat Resistant Mg-Y-Zn Solid Solution Alloys
    [Scripta Materialia, 48(8), (2003), 997-1002]
    M. Suzuki, T. Kimura, J. Koike and K. Maruyama

  42. Change in Lamellar Boundary Structure and Saturation of Yield Stress in Nano Lamellar TiAl Alloy
    [Electron Microscopy: Its Role in Materials Science, (2003), 125-132]
    K. Maruyama, G. Suzuki and H.Y. Kim

  43. Effects of Zinc on Creep Behavior and Deformation Substructures of Mg-Y Alloy
    [Materials Science Forum, 419-422, (2003), 473-478]
    M. Suzuki, T. Kimura, J. Koike and K. Maruyama

  44. Newly Developed Heat Resistant Magnesium Alloy by Thixomolding
    [Materials Science Forum, 419-422, (2003), 439-444]
    T. Tsukeda, R. Uchida, M. Suzuki, J. Koike and K. Maruyama

  45. Enhance Grain-Boundary sliding at Room Temperature in AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
    [Materials Science Forum, 419-422, (2003), 237-242]
    R. Ohyama, J. Koike, T. Kobayashi, M. Suzuki and K. Maruyama

  46. Anomalous activity of Nonbasal Dislocations in AZ31 Mg Alloys at Room Temperature
    [Materials Science Forum, 419-422, (2003), 231-236]
    T. Kobayashi, J. Koike, T. Mukai, M. Suzuki, H. Watanabe, K. Maruyama and K. Higashi

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