Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Enviroment,
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University Mechanics and Design of Composite Materials (Narita Lab.) 東北大学 大学院環境科学研究科 先端環境創成学専攻 複合材料設計学分野 成田研究室



Welcome party A welcome party was held on that day when we met the new members.
To the welcome party, in addition to the new members, a lot of former members of Narita laboratory gathered in the welcome party. It was a very fun party!
Welcome party Welcome party
OHANAMI OHANAMI is one of Japanese spring customs. Japanese people enjoy the beautiful cherry-blossom.This year we held OHANAMI at Tsutsujigaoka Park.
It was sunny on this day and we could see beautiful cherry blossoms in a pleasant climate. Beer drunk under cherry bossoms in full bloom was exceptional.
Baseball Tournament (BBQ) This year we played a practice match and went for a BBQ before the Tournament!
Our spirits were fostered by the BBQ so we made a breakthrough in the league!
Let 's aim for the victory with this condition!
Baseball Tournament (BBQ) Baseball Tournament (BBQ) Baseball Tournament (BBQ) Baseball Tournament (BBQ)
Table Tennis Competition A table tennis competition in our lab was held this year!
There were many people who lost to the intense smashes of international students from China,
but it was fun to play the table tennis!
Table Tennis Competition
GYOZA Party GYOZA is a Chinese traditional food.
Since there are many foreign students from China, we held a GYOZA party!
We ate a lot of GYOZA, drunk alcohol and had a talked with everyone so we had a good time!
Beer garden It is also a feature of the Narita laboratory that a drinking party is always held suddenly :)
OB · OG also participated and went to the beer garden!
Princess Nakajima also looks like happy ♪
Beer garden Beer garden
Summer travel This year I went to Fukushima!
Eating delicious food, enjoying hot springs, playing sports...
We were really satisfied with the summer travel which is full of fun things!
Summer travel Summer travel Summer travel Summer travel Summer travel Summer travel
Ekiden (Marathon relay race) This year's Ekiden (Marathon relay race), we got 9th place prize!
It was painful but fun!
We will definitely get good grades next year!
Ekiden Ekiden Ekiden Ekiden
International Conference We participated in Sixth-Asian Conference on Mechanics of Functional Materials and Structure (ACMFMS2018) held in Taiwan.
And next time, the ACMFMS will be held by our Lab, in2020.
Let’s make efforts together for the coming conference!
International Conference International Conference International Conference International Conference International Conference International Conference
Halloween Party Assist. Prof. Kurita's wife organized a Halloween party!
Yummy food and tasty wine, the BEST Halloween ever.
The “Hello Kitty” is also cute!
Halloween Party Halloween Party Halloween Party Halloween Party
NANIWA NO Symbol project at Tsutenkaku We attended the "NANIWA NO Symbol project at Tsutenkaku" in Tsutenkaku,Osaka.
We showed the energy harvesting devices developed by our Lab. to the visitors.
Besides, thousands of visitors played the indoor cycling and the electric power was collected as the same time.
Finally, the power collected by the cycling lighted the Tsutenkaku up during the night!
The translation from motion to electric power has been realized. That’s amazing!
naniwa naniwa naniwa naniwa naniwa naniwa naniwa