Graduate School of Engineering

Laboratory List

Materials Forming and Structural Control

Casting and Advanced Solidification Processing Prof. K. Anzai Outline Web site
Computational Microstructure Design Prof. R. Kainuma Outline Web site
Forming Process Technology Prof. K.Oikawa Outline Web site

Advanced Materials Physical Chemistry

Materials Physical Chemistry Prof. H. Zhu Outline Web site

Joint Research Laboratory

Advanced Steel Materials Texture Control: Joint Research Laboratory (with JFE Steel) Outline

Collaborative Research Groups

Base Materials Processing, IMRAM Prof. S. Kitamura Outline Web site
Materials Separation Processing, IMRAM Prof. H. Shibata Outline Web site
Microstructure Design of Structural Metallic Materials, IMR Prof. T. Furuhara Outline Web site
Biomaterials Science, IMR Prof. T. Ichitsubo Web site
Environment-Conscious Material Processing, IMRAM Prof. H. Nogami Outline Web site
Global Learning Center, IEHE Prof. Y. Kasukabe