Graduate School of Engineering

Laboratory List

Interface Science and Engineering of Joining

  Prof. Y. Sato Outline

Microsystems Design and Processing

Mechanics and Design of Material Systems Prof. F. Narita Outline  Web site
Micro-powder Processing and Systems Prof. N. Nomura Outline Web site
Materials Evaluation and Sensing Prof. T. Mihara Outline  

Physical Metallurgy and Physicochemistry of Biomolecular and Biomaterial Systems

Physicochemistry of Biomolecular Systems Prof. M. Yamamoto Outline Web site
Biomedical Materials Prof. T. Narushima Outline Web site

Collaborative Research Groups

Metallurgical Design for Material Functions, IMRAM Prof. A.-P. Tsai Outline Web site
Inorganic Crystal Structural Materials Chemistry, IMRAM Prof. H. Yamane Outline Web site
Deformation Processing, IMR Prof. A. Chiba Outline Web site
Advanced Crystal Engineering, IMR Prof. A. Yoshikawa Outline Web site
Cooperative Research and Development Center for Advanced Materials, IMR Prof. N. Masahashi Outline Web site
Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Division, FRIS Prof. K. Tsuda    
Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Division, FRIS Prof. H. Masumoto Outline Web site