Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment,
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University Mechanics and Design of Composite Materials (Narita, Kurita & Wang Lab.) 東北大学 大学院環境科学研究科 先端環境創成学専攻 複合材料設計学分野 成田・栗田・王研究室



Welcome Party and Hanami To welcome the new 4th year students and Snigdha-san, a "hanami" (flower viewing party) was held in Nishi-park. The trees were in full bloom so we could enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms while sharing drinks and food. 歓迎会&花見
Nagashi-soumen In Narita Lab, there is a tradition to hold a "nagashi-soumen" (flowing noodles) party every year. The 4th years students are tasked with organizing, so they can work together and get to know each other. Everyone brought their own favourite seasonings to share, so we could enjoy tasty soumen noodles. 流しそうめん会
BBQ & Baseball Practice In preparation for the Lab-vs-Lab baseball tournament in June, we practiced baseball while also enjoying BBQ. The day before, professor Narita went to a fish-market and bought seafood, so we could share delicious fish, squid and shellfish. Of course, serious baseball practice was also conducted. This year's 4th year students are really strong, so our performance in the tournament looks very promising..! BBQ&野球練習 BBQ&野球練習 BBQ&野球練習 BBQ&野球練習
4th Year Students "Otsukare-Party" Every year the 4th year students present about scientific publications chosen by their seniors. After 2 months of preparations, and holding their first-ever scientific presentations in front of a lot of people, they were very tired. Therefore we held an "otsukare-party" to have fun and recharge their batteries. Everyone was in high spirits and the party lasted until late into the night. Otsukare-Party Otsukare-Party Otsukare-Party Otsukare-Party
Baseball Tournament As a proof of our dedication and hard practice in May, Team Narita Lab was top-ranked in the first league of the baseball tournament! The final league will be held in September, after the graduate school entrance exams. We'll do our best and go for the championship!! Baseball Tournament Baseball Tournament Baseball Tournament Baseball Tournament
Entrance Examination "Otsukare-Party" The 4th year students did a great job during the entrance examination! Everyone passed! We held a party for them, and also for the exchange students that were visiting during the Elyt School event. Some of them will come back to Sendai and join the lab next year. 院試お疲れ様会
Summer Trip For the first time since the corona pandemic, we can finally go on a summer trip together! This year we went sightseeing in Aizu. We had so much fun and could enjoy two days of water sports, hot-spring and grape picking. 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行 夏旅行
Futsal Tournament Like last year, we competed in the Koumeikai futsal tournament! Unfortunately we were eliminated in the first stage, but we had fun running around on the field and look forward to trying our best again next year! フットサル大会
Relay Competition On the 14th of October the Material Science Relay Competition was held, and Narita Lab participated with two teams. The A-team got a 7th place finish! It was a great performance. Also, this year the post-run “oden” party was revived. Preparations were mainly done by the 4th year students. Let’s try our best again next year! 駅伝大会 駅伝大会 駅伝大会 駅伝大会 駅伝大会 駅伝大会 駅伝大会 駅伝大会 駅伝大会 駅伝大会
Baseball Tournament Semifinal The Lab-vs-Lab baseball tournament continued, moving into the semifinals. We put up a good fight but were unfortunately defeated. Let’s get revenge next year! 野球大会準決勝