Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Enviroment,
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University Mechanics and Design of Composite Materials (Narita Lab.) 東北大学 大学院環境科学研究科 先端環境創成学専攻 複合材料設計学分野 成田研究室


Fumio Narita

Understanding and Improving Magnetostrictive Filler/Polymer Composites

The project focuses on the development of a novel group of polymer-based nanocomposites incorporating magnetostrictive fibers or particles for sensing, energy harvesting, and bone conduction applications. Multi-functional coatings and composites of magnetostrictive elements will be designed and fabricated. This project is also an international collaboration between University of Padova, Italy, and Tohoku University, Japan. During the project, mixed-mode fracture test and finite element analysis on cracked magnetostrictive materials will be carried out.