Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Enviroment,
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University Mechanics and Design of Composite Materials (Narita Lab.) 東北大学 大学院環境科学研究科 先端環境創成学専攻 複合材料設計学分野 成田研究室


Fumio Narita

Design and Biodegradability Evaluation of Eco-Friendly Composite Materials

In Tohoku, cotton have been planted in farmlands no longer suitable for growing rice due to the tsunami. This is one of the activities being done with an aim to restore farming and industry. Plants such as trees and bamboos are materials which possess both strength and flexibility. In our lab, we grow cotton and bamboo and strive to create eco-friendly composite materials derived from plants. We also use cellulose nanofibers to reinforce polymers. We are conducting research with a new theme of "Let's create the best biodegradable composite!"