Our laboratory focusses on developing and designing eco-friendly materials and processes using physical fields, and on elucidating the effects of these fields on the reaction kinetics, transport and interface phenomena. Examples of such fields include ultrasonic and electromagnetic fields, microwaves and plasma.
  Some advantages of this approach are : (1) minimization of chemical waste, (2) reduction of process temperature, (3) improvement of material recyclability.

Electromagnetic induction

Fundamental studies on high frequency induction heating and stirring of non-metallic liquid (Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM))
  Techniques of contactless stirring is essential for vitrification solidification of radioactive waste liquids. Induction heating and stirring of glasses already have been industrialized. This kind of method utilizes Joule heating by eddy current generation induced by the high frequency coil current. However, some fundamental aspects of glass for special application still remain unclear.
  In this research, some fundamental researches, such as heatand electric conductivity, will be investigated with molten salts and low melting point glass.
Molten glass heated by
Electromagnetic Processing