Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Processing

Biomaterials Systems
Biomedical Materials (Prof. Narushima, Assoc. Prof. Ueda)

Research Title

  1. Development of Co-Cr and NiTi alloys for stent applications
  2. Antibacterial coating on Ti and its alloys
  3. Precipitation control of biomedical Co-Cr alloys
  4. Surface reaction of Mg and its alloys prepared by vacuum distillation
  5. Development of oxygen-containing α+β type Ti alloys for biomedical applications
  6. New deoxidation process of Ti melt using hydrogen plasma arc melting

Research Topics

“Development of new process and its evaluation for biomedical materials based on physical chemistry”

Our research group focuses on the use of metallic biomaterials such as Ti alloys, NiTi, Co-Cr alloys, and Mg alloys in biomedical implants. It is predicted that the number of patients suffering from falls and deterioration of body functions will increase in today’s super-aged society. As a result, the demand is increasing for high-performance and inexpensive devices for reconstructing the body function. Metals are candidate materials of implants; in fact, 80% of the implants are made of metals. Therefore, our group is working toward developing “new-generation metallic biomaterials” and “novel processing methods” to fabricate and modify them from the viewpoint of their surface modification and composition/microstructure control. Some of the research studies are conducted under close cooperation with Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University, Graduate School of Dentistry, Tohoku University, and a few private companies.

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