Graduate School of Engineering

Laboratory List

Materials Electrochemistry

  Prof. I. Muto,
Asst. Prof. M. Nishimoto
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Nano-materials Science

Device Reliability Science and Engineering Prof. Y. Suto,
Assoc. Prof. D. Ando
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High Temperature Materials Prof. K. Yoshimi,
Assoc. Prof. N. Sekido
Asst. Prof. S. Ida
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Materials and Devices for Information Technology

Opto-electronic Materials Prof. M. Kohda
Asst. Prof. J. Ishihara
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Advanced Magneto-Materials Assoc. Prof. N. Tezuka,
Lecturer M. Matsuura
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Energy Materials Prof. H. Takamura
Asst. Prof. I. Oikawa
Asst. Prof. A. Ishii
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Systematic Materials Design

Functional Electronic Materials Prof. Y. Saito Outline Web site

Collaborative Research Groups