Graduate School of Engineering

Laboratory List

Materials and Devices for Information Technology

Magnetic and Spintronics Materials Prof. S. Sugimoto Outline Web site
Energy Materials Prof. H. Takamura Outline Web site

Joint Research Laboratory

InterConnect Advanced Technology Center Prof. J. Koike

Collaborative Research Groups

Chemical Physics of Non-Crystalline Materials, IMR Prof. K. Sugiyama Outline Web site
Non-Equilibrium Materials, IMR Prof. H. Kato Outline Web site
Materials Design by Computer Simulation, IMR Prof. M. Kubo Outline Web site
Managing & Planning Division, FRIS Prof. J. Saida Outline  
Magnetic Materials, IMR Prof. K. Takanashi Outline Web site
Materials Science of Non-Stoichiometric Compounds, IMR Prof. T. Konno Outline Web site
Quantum Beam Measurements, IMRAM Prof. A. Momose Outline Web site
Laser Applied Material Science, IMRAM Prof. S. Sato Outline Web site