Graduate School of Engineering

Laboratory List

Materials Forming and Structural Control

Materials Microstructure Control Prof. R. Kainuma Outline Web site
Computational Materials Design Prof. T. Omori Outline Web site
Forming Process Technology Prof. K.Oikawa Outline Web site

Advanced Materials Physical Chemistry

Materials Physical Chemistry Prof. H. Zhu,
Assoc. Prof. O. Takeda
Outline Web site

Joint Research Laboratory

Sustaibable Metallurgy for Light Metals (OGAWA ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.)

Collaborative Research Groups

Materials Separation Processing, IMRAM Prof. H. Shibata Outline Web site
Center for Mineral Processing and Metallurgy, IMRAM Prof. S. Ueda Outline Web site
Microstructure Design of Structural Metallic Materials, IMR Prof. T. Furuhara Outline Web site
Structure-Controlled Functional Materials, IMR Prof. T. Ichitsubo Outline Web site
Environmental-Conscious Material Processing, IMRAM Prof. H. Nogami Outline Web site
Synchrotron Radiation Microscopy and Informatics, SRIS Prof. Y. Takahashi Outline Web site
Section of International Education, IEHE Prof. Y. Kasukabe