Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Processing

Microsystems Design and Processing
Multi Conversion System Field (Prof. Xu, Asst. Prof. Uchiyama)

Research Topics

In our laboratory, we are creating a multi-piezo material that combines strong piezoluminescence and piezoelectricity. This material emits light with unprecedented sensitivity and stability when subjected to mechanical stress, and has attracted international attention as a new concept material. Our laboratory aims to achieve a breakthrough in hyper-multi-piezo by approaching the mechanism and material development of multi-piezo from both theoretical and experimental perspectives, and to pioneer and evolve the innovative field of multi-piezo photonics. Specifically, we aim to 1) clarify the mechanism of the multi-energy conversion process of force-electricity-light, 2) create hyper-multi-piezo materials with giant piezoelectricity and light emission functions, and 3) designing/engineering multi-conversion devices to create innovative nanosensors and ubiquitous light sources.

Fig. 1:

Figure 1
The research field of our laboratory is to develop the multi conversion system, such as the multi-piezo material system, which possess both strong piezoluminescence and piezoelectricity. We are also working on the design and development of innovative devices and nanosensors based on multi-piezo materials./p>