Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Science

Materials and Devices for Information Technology
Opto-electronic Materials (Prof. Kohda, Asst. Prof. Ishihara)

Research Topics

Our laboratory is developing new materials and novel functionalities for next-generation information processing and quantum technology based on the spatial structure of electron spins.

One of our research interests is the development of physical properties and novel functions of electron spin waves, which are generated by the spatial propagation of electron spins in semiconductors while they rotate. Electron spin waves can propagate over long distances in semiconductors and their wave properties can be controlled by external means. Our research aims to construct a solid-state spin-wave information platform capable of transmitting and processing enormous amounts of information by making full use of state-of-the-art optical measurement techniques and highly sensitive magnetoconductivity measurements.

We are also conducting fundamental research on the control of quantum states of electron spins and valley degrees of freedom, which is necessary for the quantum information society, based on efficient control of spin states by spin-orbit interactions. In order to efficiently control the electron spin of compound semiconductors and the valley degrees of freedom of atomic layer materials, we are developing new materials and demonstrating proof-of-principle to establish the fundamental technology required for the next generation quantum information society.