Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Science

Nano-materials Science
Device Reliability Science and Engineering (Prof. Koike)

Research Topics

Our research group places its academic bases on deformation and diffusion behaviors and investigates thermal and mechanical reliability of advanced engineering materials and their integral systems. Without the reliability during processing and long-term use, no materials can be used in actual application. In order to evaluate the reliability in advanced materials, the development of new measuring methodology is also necessary. We study these issues not only from fundamental perspectives but also in close collaboration with industry partners. Our research topics cover multiscale framework of materials research which include, for example, (1) the deformation mechanisms of light-weight and high-strength materials for airplane and automobile applications, (2) deformation mechanism and microstructural development of thin films for small and high-performance electronic parts and semiconductor device applications, and (3) diffusion behavior of amorphous and hydrogen permeating materials for hydrogen energy applications.

Fig. 1:Schematic diagram of research activity

Fig. 1:
Schematic diagram of research activity