Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Metallurgy

Materials Forming and Structural Control
Forming Process Technology (Prof. Oikawa, Asst. Prof. Ueshima)

Research Topics

Hot Forging and Microstructure Formation of Superalloys

Superalloys are widely used for the component of gas turbine and aero engine. Components are manufactured by casting or forging. In either case, understanding process-microstructure-property relationship is important to design the manufacturing process of the alloys. We are mainly focusing on hot-forging and investigating process-microstructure relationship including recrystallization behavior during forging and precipitation behavior during cooling and heat treatment.

Establishing Constitutive Relation and Forming Simulation

We are also establishing constitutive model of stress-strain curves to predict the deformation behavior. If the constitutive relation has been determined, it becomes possible to simulate the deformation behavior in order to form new materials precisely and develop new fabrication processes easily. For example, we are establishing constitutive equation of Ni-base superalloy in hot-forging condition. We are also trying to establish a constitutive model which can reproduce cyclic loading behavior, strain localization behavior among grains and crystal rotation behavior during deformation.