Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Metallurgy

Metallurgical Process Engineering (Prof. Miki)

Brief Summary of the Research

Main focus is on physicochemical research on the processes of manufacturing and recovering base metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc from raw material ores, which are primary resources, and waste and by-products, which are secondary resources. purpose. In addition, we are conducting research on refining and purifying these base metals, clarifying the potential of secondary resources such as slag and dust, and simultaneously developing eco-processes for recovering rare elements.


Research Topics

  1. Base metal production process aiming for carbon neutrality
  2. Advanced refining process of base metal
  3. Base metal recycling process
  4. Co-production of metals and valuable elements by actively using degrading resources
  5. Recovery of valuable resources from metal manufacturing by-products
  6. Development of enhanced phase control and surface coating methods for metal materials toward carbon neutrality
  7. Optimization of element circulation and allocation between ferrous and non-ferrous industries