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International Exchange

Exchange Activities with POSTECH University, Korea.



What is the exchange between Tohoku University Materials Science and Engineering Program?

  1. In 2006, students from Tohoku University head to POSTECH, in 2007 students from POSTECH head to Tohoku University - it is in this every-other-year pattern that students visit each other's respective university engaging in the exchange program.
  2. The main portion is made up of English language presentations given at research meetings.
  3. Participants are made up of first-year to fourth-year Materials Science and Engineering Program Students.
  4. Students largely do all their own planning and independently engage in the program's activities.
  5. Tohoku University offers financial support to students when they go to POSTECH.

Participating Student Interview

We talked to student participants about the exchange activities with Korea's POSTECH University. Click here for the interview.

The Photo Album of 2007.